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Alternatives Gallery - Michael Becker - contemporary jewellery
We present a vast collection of contemporary jewellery created by the best international designers, aimed at satisfying a clientele made up of private collectors and institutional spaces, always looking for the most innovative works on the market, created through the skilful use of traditional and new materials and techniques. Come and discover a world of creativity and innovation, in which the boundaries of jewellery overlap and merge with those of art and design.
Alternatives Gallery - Yu Hiraishi - handmade jewellery
"Art jewelry is not necessarily jewelry, nor is it necessarily wearable or precious or good-looking. Rather, it’s an act, an object, a body of work that ties itself to ideas of wearability, beauty, tradition, adornment, self-expression, and authorship ... even when it refuses many of these things."

Sarah Turner

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NO-GRAM is a shopping Cloud totally dedicated to contemporary jewellery and objects, promoted by Alternatives gallery with the express purpose of creating a meeting place between independent designers and an international clientele in search of something unique and innovative.

The works we propose are the result of a rigorous selection process, made through the careful evaluation of the quality, both of the craftsmanship and of the artistic value of each piece. NO-GRAM, as the name suggests, places value on the idea rather than on the preciousness of the material used. The jewellery found here is much more than a simple accessory and is the expression of research in the field of art jewellery.

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JeS Titanium Design

A large selection of wedding rings in titanium and diamonds by JeS Titanium Design. Choose to make your special day unique in every way.

Get inspired by our collection of modern and innovative wedding and engagement rings made by international designers, through the use of gold, silver and precious stones, for your unique, unforgettable moments.

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