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    Silke Trekel

About me

I am interested in various ways of giving my jewellery a distinct artistic dimension. In this sense, my works are spatial figures. They can be worn on the body as an adornment as well as individual objects of plastic art.
I find formal inspiration in spatial systems of flora, in physical thinking models or in fragments of architecture and technique. Out of a few fastened or intertwined, threaded or seemingly accidentally located basic elements of usually clear shapes, I make artistic ornaments which allow me to achieve the effect of adornment. I work using contrasts of colours and shapes employing the harmony of effects like volume and lightness, line and surface. All works are marked with mutual interaction between the abstract form and an artistic passion for detail.
Music always accompanies my work. All my adornments are in a way compositions following various moods. They are suspended in different times, combined with high and low tones, characterised by diverse timbres, occasionally changing the rhythm.
Each adornment distinguishes itself with its internal order. They are evenly constituted spatial structures, there is even some realism to their continuity into the infinity. Thanks to repetition there is rhythm. The beginning and the end become one. Everything flows.

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