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The simplicity and craftsmanship with which JeS Titanium Design create their wedding rings, is testimony of the high quality production obtained through numerical control turning, milling and EDM, combined with a variety of possible finishes such as polishing, sandblasting, mat finish or the fascinating black colour PVD-DLC, all carried out with great attention to detail.

JeS Titanium

JeS-Titanium Design produce titanium wedding rings using cutting-edge production technologies combined with manual finishes. Their jewellery presents a unique and unmistakable style, coming from the combination of design and precision mechanics. They have always been fascinated by the characteristics of titanium, inherently light, hypoallergenic, non-magnetic and stainless, and that explains the choice of this material. At Alternatives gallery you will find a wide selection of models, sizes, colours and finishes, so you can be sure to find the wedding ring that best suits your style and reflects your personality.
All strictly in titanium, where the combination of originality, innovation and tradition make JeS-Titanium Design's creations, the jewellery you've always imagined.
The strength of JeS-Titanium Design is in the fact that their jewellery is Made in Italy. The design, processing and finishes are all performed within the company, alternating manual with high-precision machining processes.
In addition to titanium wedding rings, JeS also create tailor-made jewellery, customized to the customer's needs.
Alternatives Gallery - JeS Titanium Design